From 8.30     Registration


9.00              Introduction


9.30              Panel 1

Lidia Tripiccione, ‘Formalists-Materialists’

Rolf Hellebust, ‘On the tangible sacred in early Soviet culture’

Anne Eakin Moss, ‘The object of Soviet cinema, 1932–38’


Discussant: Emma Widdis

Chair: Tadeusz Wojtych


11.00             Coffee break



11.00             Panel 2


Meghanne Barker, ‘Materialities of the Soviet and Post-Soviet puppet’

Ekaterina Vikulina, ‘Hybrid corporeality in medical photography of the Thaw’

Jamie Phillips, ‘The vanishing brains of the Soviet Pantheon, and the vexing question of the materiality of Soviet subjects’

Juliane Fürst, ‘Mak, vint, and plan: the materiality of Soviet narcotics’


Discussant: Alexey Golubev

Chair: Samuel Goff


13.00             Lunch


14.00             Panel 3


Markus Lahteenmaki, ‘Stones of St. Petersburg: granite and material reconstructions of the space and myth of the city’

Nastia Volynova, ‘Reading the flow as reading history: towards a water-based archive of the Moscow Canal’

Masha Panteleyeva, ‘Embodied landscapes: nature as architecture during the Thaw’


Discussant: Serguei Oushakine

Chair: Dmitrii Blyshko


15.30             Coffee break


16.00 –          Keynote roundtable:


                      Serguei Oushakine

                      Christina Kiaer

                      Alexey Golubev

                      Susan E. Reid



9.00            Panel 4


Victoria Smolkin, ‘The remains of a more developed civilization: on the visual, material, and memorial culture of Soviet cosmic utopianism’

Alyona Sokolnikova, ‘Intangible objects: rediscovering forgotten projects of the Soviet design’

Yulia Karpova and Kristian Handberg, ‘Danish materialisations in Moscow: the design exhibition as a material event, 1969–70’

Natacha Milovzorova, (Title tbc)


Discussant: Christina Kiaer

Chair: Christianna Bonin


10.30          Coffee break


11.00            Panel 5

Sudha Rajagopalan, ‘Incidental Soviet objects: geopolitical liminality in India during the Cold War’

John Kennedy, ‘Soviet autonomous auto-construction: a material flow beyond the grasp of the state’

Diane Koenker, ‘“Made well, marketed well”: how Soviet retail trade put quality goods in the hands of consumers’

Ksenia Papazova, ‘Life and death in “the repair society”: people, things, and the vintage identity’


Discussant: Susan E. Reid

Chair: Gabriella A. Ferrari


12.30           Lunch


13.30           Panel 6


Katerina Pavlidi, ‘The materiality of official Soviet texts in works of Moscow Conceptualism’

Olga Voronina, ‘Dead poets’ “hand” on display: Soviet literary museums as curators of sacral materiality’

Kamila Kocialkowska, ‘Invisible ink: a material history of hidden meanings in postal censorship and poetry’


Discussant: Maria Mileeva

Chair: Mollie Arbuthnot

15.00            Closing remarks